No one ever imagines that they will need to request an investigation be carried out on someone close to them, but it is a regular occurrence. You are not alone and you have a right to know the truth. It’s often the case that the only way to be certain you are hearing the truth from your partner, friends or family, is to instruct private surveillance professionals to assist.

Maui Five-O Investigations has an expert team. Sometimes paranoia is just that, but all too often, it has some basis of truth; someone close to you is hiding something. We regularly provide assistance for spouses and life partners concerned over infidelity, surveillance cases with families concerned over a loved one pulled into substance abuse, or suspicion of criminal activities.

You have a right to deal with the situation and having the evidence, peace of mind and support will make the task achievable. Maui Five-O Investigations provides clients with detailed activity reports and solid supporting evidence including photos or video when possible, in a personal and discretionary way, giving you the answers, guidance and proof to confront the issue with assurance and peace of mind.