Case Study:

We got a call from a single mother who was concerned about her son when he was in the custody of the father over the weekends. She was hoping to get photos or video of the father drinking over the weekend.

With this information she could demand full custody and not share the child.

We covertly tracked the father from the pick up point to the beach where he met up with 5 other men who were fishing at Paia. There was a large cooler of beer and lots of drinking. We used our telephoto camera and waited. The father was there for 4 hours. All the time he drank Pepsi. He never drank the beers offered. He kept a close eye on the young boy. He never drank. The caught four large fish.

When he was done he took the young boy to a school park in Makawao. He built a kite with his son and they flew the kite with two other fathers with their sons. He drank bottle water the whole time.

He made sure the seat belt was on the child as well as wearing it himself every time they went in the car even on a short ride to store.

When night came he left he child with his grandmother in her house. The father went to Mulligans on the Blue for a Ragae Party on St. Patrick's Day.

We had a female agent filming as well as two male agents inside filming. He went to the bar six times and drank Ginger Ale in a beer Mug.

We reported to the client all the photos and video. She was very disappointed that we could not get her the evidence she needed to get custody, but she was relieved that he was a stand up guy and a good father.

She did not expect that.

Be careful of what you want us to find out because sometimes it is not what you expect.

Case Study:

We received a call from an man who just got called into work. He suspected his wife of cheating on him. She told him she would be coming by his work at 3:30m to drop off his dinner and then she was going to go to her girlfriends house in Wailuku to hang out. He did not believe her and contacted us at 1:30pm.

We positioned tow cars to tail. We followed her to a house in Wailuku heights. Where she drove up to a house and a man came out of the front door and gave her a big kiss and hug right there on the driveway. We took photos and video. We text the photos to the client while it was happening. The client went to the house with police escort and confronted his cheating wife.

They ended up in divorce.